I’m an artist, illustrator, wife, mother, home educator, corgi and giant bunny owner, and fantasy basketball champion. My work and I are most often described as happy, whimsical, playful, energetic, and colorful. I work primarily with watercolor, but play with acrylic, collage, ink, pastel, and digital media every day from my house’s little art studio in Bellevue, Washington.
I have performed on stage as an actor, dancer, pianist, and flutist in Southwest Florida, exhibited handbound art books in Chicago and England, managed a paint-your-own-pottery store and co-owned an artisan gelato business in Central Florida, worked in art education at Orlando Museum of Art, sold crocheted toys on Etsy, and taught nature journaling to kids in Oakland. Writing and painting have been throughlines in my life for decades, and picture books just bring together everything I love into one beautiful, huggable package.





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Twitter: @jburbank